Our Daily Bread…on the High Road

27 Mar

As a local Chiswickian I’m perplexed by the carb-fest that Chiswick is becoming. For a while now we’ve had the obligatory Zizzi, Franco Manca and Pizza Express, not to mention various ‘patisseries’ ranging from Gregs (admiteddly more bread than patisserie) to Pat Val, Bread & the other posh one on the corner, Gail’s. Did I miss any? It’s hard to keep track.
Now we’ve got Union Jacks and its ‘flats’ (a rose by any other name etc..), a Pain Quotidien and, wait for it, a Rosso Pommodoro coming to replace the much loved greek mini-market Adamou.
Am i the only one to’ve noticed this glut of bread-based eateries is actually defying the current trend to cut carbs.
What goes on here i wonder?


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