Eating on the Kings Road

21 Mar

Visited the great road for the first time in yonks to find El Dar shutting up shop 😦 and NOWHERE else to eat for what seemed like miles – that is unless you want frozen yoghurt (yes with an H) from Snog or Zap or Frap or whatever the hell they’re all called. Most peculiar. Could it be something to do with the beautiful ladies of Chelsea’s aversion to calories other than in bubbly we wondered as we stumbled, starving, along the road.

So flustered by the lack of eateries, we nearly settled for the uninspiring middle class McDonalds, Pizza Express, but then stumbled across the Vietnamese in the square opposite Heals – called something Phat Phuc, definitely unpronouncable to non-Vietnamese speakers like myself unless you want friends to think you’re shouting obscenities at them, especially if they’re a little on the chunky side.

BUT the food was fab – proper Laksa with four lovely juicy king prawns, or chicken pho which looked insipid but had those super fresh flavours of oriental soups and great prawn dumplings all washed down with a bottle of cold peroni beer. Two for lunch for £24 – that’s gotta be the best value eats on the Kings Road  – I’ll miss El Dhar but what a find.


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