Female Confidence

5 Apr

I have confidence in confidence alone, besides which you see I have confidence in me!

Lines from The Sound of Music, which I’ve recently been rewatching with Ellie. At the same time I was writing the women’s feature for Caterer which mainly finds that (apart from the obvious baby thing) women really lack confidence in themselves to go and get the success they deserve and are able to achieve.

It’s such a shame – we have so much to give the world and so many more – if I may say so – strings to our bows than many men. I still don’t get why we lack confidence in our own abilities.

I was reminded of this yet again writing the previous post. My husband also has a blog – who doesn’t these days – and he just writes it, gets on with it and knows it’s interesting and good. I, on the other hand, dither and faff and then need him to read it before posting and I’ve no idea why. Except that I lack confidence in my own skills and need someone external to give me approval.

I’ve often found myself wondering who could be bothered to read my mundane musings on life and stuff while writing these posts. Paul on the other hand has no such hang-ups. Granted he’s writing about politics and more intellectual arguments not everyday life but even so, I’m not sure it’s ever crossed his mind what the point of it is. And that of course is the point.

We women spend too much time worrying whether it’s worth it or whether we’re good enough, whereas the chaps mainly just get on with it and plough on with supreme confidence.

As my lovely dad often quoted: “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but you can fool most poeple most of the time.” That’s good enough for me.


One Response to “Female Confidence”

  1. Tessa Stuart October 5, 2011 at 6:59 pm #

    You are right. Met a friend today who has a lovely new job. Yet she is consumed by anxiety about doing it well. I said: “You’re only 3 weeks into it, cut yourself some slack, I bet your bosses are already impressed with you!” And do you know, they absolutely are. But that is not enough for her.

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