Blasts from the past – Mixed blessings

5 Apr

So a girl who used to torment me at school wants to be my friend on facebook. This isn’t the first time she’s done a friend request and it’s not the first time I’ve turned her down.

I find it so odd. I’m intrigued as to what would make her want to be back in touch with me. Is she bored, did she not realise she was a bully and thinks she is just getting in touch with old acquaintances, does she want to cyber bully me? I have no idea and I’m still scared. Of her.

Whilst i’d like to accept the friend request and see if she’s changed, I’ve decided it’s not worth finding out as she was so horrid at school and made me feel so small and insecure and generally crap about myself I don’t want to go there again. This time round i choose not to let this person affect me negatively, even though I realise this decision might mean that I’m not giving them the chance to show they’ve changed. The price of bullying perhaps. No one wants to be your friend when we all grow up.

On a more positive note, i was also contacted by an old work friend this week from Mosi days who had only just noticed I worked for Caterer – (only for the last five or so years and I’ve now left). Bright as a button and sharp as a tack he is! Just like me – which is probably why we got on. But it was good to hear from him, catch up on his news and can’t wait to meet up with him for a beer.

That’s the Yin-Yang of blasts from the past I guess.


One Response to “Blasts from the past – Mixed blessings”

  1. iinlondon December 22, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    Hi Emily,

    great that you linked your blog : )
    I too have many times wondered who will read my posts but I think this is just want people today want to read about:the everyday life of “normal” people. : )

    It’s interesting how people from the past sends you friend requests, I have been through the same thing but the second time I blocked the person. The best facebook funktion ever 🙂

    Kind Regards,
    Anna Olsson

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