Amanda’s Action Kids – when enthusiasm turns to obsession

15 Nov

So it’s getting a bit embarrassing. We’ve been going to Action Kids for nearly three years now. So long in fact that I swear my daughter Ellie thinks she now actually works with Amanda, rather than attends the class.

It all began with “please may I be your helper” on the races – which also saw me subsquently chanting “Hard bodies, Tight bodies” all over Chiswick’s green spaces – to many a bemused look from passers by.

Then there was the odd go on the microphone – singing the alphabet and saying hippopotamus being particular highlights.

But now it’s definitely a full blown crush. We even choose what to wear on a Monday morning to show Amanda – today it was her party dress from last year which has somehow morphed in her brain into a ‘ballet dress’ but previously it’s been her Buzz Lightyear outfit, her Thomas the Tank engine costume and recently at Halloween she wanted to go as a skeleton but I’m afraid that’s where i drew the line.

Luckily Amanda’s very tolerant of the whole thing and indulges her with special comments and the like.  But I guess if you’re gonna have a stalker, this is the kind to have. A little three year old running after you thinking you’re just the coolest thing in the world. There are plenty of worse ways to start a Monday morning.


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