Amuse-d Bouche

14 Nov

Amuse-ing that’s for sure.

Wow! Did anyone hear there’s a recession on? Not at Amuse Bouche last night- never seen so many young blonde twiglets quaffing bubbly living the Fulham life – it hasn’t moved on a jot from the New Labour boom years nearly a decade and a half ago, when I was living the young single life in that part of town.

It’s surreal going back to somewhere that just hasn’t changed. i’ve always thought that part of town was rather bizarrely immune to trends of any description, carrying on regardless as London burns so to speak. Meanwhile my life has moved on so quickly. So to go back and get a snapshot of exactly what I’d been doing nearly two decades ago is a most peculiar experience. The girls all so immaculately dressed and coiffed, the boys all in polo ralph lauren tshirts or white stuff gear, lots of big white teeth, perfect smiles, lots of people believing they’re ‘it’.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but just that I’ve had to grow out of it. We had dinner beforehand at Cote (I can’t drink on an empty stomach anymore), we left by 10.30, I was woken at six by two lively kids raring to go, and then cooked a lunch for ten today.

Our friends by contrast stayed drinking fizz till close, went back to a mates and drank etc till dawn.

A watershed moment in life, but like the murphy’s, I’m not bitter, I had a decade or more of doing just that, and it’s great fun, I’m just not up to it anymore. I’ve also realised I’m a garrulous bore when I’m drunk – not a great look for me.

I must’ve moved on when I wasn’t looking.


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