Behind the curve

6 Nov

Every now and again all of us get disillusioned with our current status quo. Last weekend was one for me. Six hours of sitting alone on my sofa watching Parliament Live TV to cover two parliamentary debates on beer tax and air passenger duty had prompted a bit of soul searching, not to mention a touch of numb bum.

A Friday night and Saturday of wittering with hubby and friends followed, whereby – like 99.9% of all freelance journalists – I thought I might try my hand at some kind of creative writing, perhaps even a sitcom..

Now I realise I’m not the only one to’ve ever come up with this gem of a plan, but to see “writing a sitcom”  in the going down column of Sunday Times Style mag the very next day, was slightly dream-dashing to say the least.

Apparently sitcom-writing was the new middle class version of “blogging” – which I’m still clearly doing – but now neither are en-vogue and the latter of which is now totally passe.

So not just behind the curve then, but behind the the whole flipping ball game..


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